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Fabric Sofa & Metal Legs Care

General Care
  • Do not sit on sofa arms and/ or back frame.
  • Always move the sofa by lifting it at the base, do not drag.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep sofa away from any heating source to prevent fading or discoloration.
  • Using a brush attachment, vacuum the sofa
    regularly to remove any dust particles.
  • Blot spills immediavtely and gently with a clean white cloth. Do not rub.
  • Professional cleaning is advised for tough stains.
  • Avoid sitting on the sofa when wearing clothing
    that may cause color transfer.
  • For removable cushions, flip, rotate and fluff the seat and bock cushions regularly to prolong their lifespan and keep them plump.
  • For non-removable cushions, to straighten folds and creases that form on cushions after prolonged use, smooth the surface with your hands and tuck any excess upholstery into the sides of the cushions.
Fabric Care
  • Pilling may occur because of wear and tear and can be easily removed with a fabric comb or fuzz remover.
Velvet Care
  • Brush the velvet pile regularly to reverse the effects of wear and tear that might temporarily crush the pile.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the sofa for long periods of time.
  • To straighten light creases, set your steamer at a low heat setting and steam in the direction of the pile.
Metal Leg Care
  • Clean away dust or dirt with a soft, clean cloth.


Warranty: 5 years

Material: Solid Veneer

Leg finishing: Wood

Shape: Rectangular

Maximum Seater: 8 seats

Care Instruction

  • For a basic cleaning, damp a cloth with water and wipe down the surface.
  • Use of chemical cleaners is not advised.
  • Keep dry and wipe away spills quickly to prevent water marks.
  • Use coasters when placing hot objects on the surface.
  • Avoid exposing strong sunlight, direct sunlight can fade the finishing.


Only recommended for indoor use

Product Disclaimer:

  • All the measurements are made by hand, there may be 1-2cm deviations.
  • Product may vary slightly from images due to the use of natural wood colour and grain pattern, marble colour and stone pattern, different fabric batch, leather grains and etc.
  • May due to the photoshoot screen settings and lighting conditions.
: 210 cm
: 100 cm
: 76 cm



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