We use OEKO-TEX Standard Fabric to ensure healthy and sustainable textile products for your home. The OEKO-TEX Standard is an international lab testing and textile certification system, most widely utilized and recognized for ecological safety and sustainability of textile products.


Your sleep is important to us. We’re proud that the foams used in our mattresses are CertiPURUS® certified. When you buy a mattress made with foam that is independently tested and approved by the CertiPUR-US® program, you can have ultimate peace of mind knowing that you are protecting yourself, your family, and the environment.


Hypo-Allergenic, Highly Responsive with Resilient Support

RECEPTIFOAM™ is a newly developed patented foam which comes with very fine open cell structure, ensuring good air ventilation and even weight distribution all night long.

EchoSense™ Memory Foam

Luxuriously Cooling, Zero Disturbance

EchoSense™ Memory Foam comes with thermal gel infusion for a comfortable and cooling sleep experience. Its Zero Motion Transfer feature minimizes motion transfer from tossing and turning, making sure zero partner disturbance no matter what.

Dynabounce™ Encased Pocket Spring

Consistently Firm, Total Pressure Relief

Dynabounce™ Encased Pocket Spring is able to deliver consistent support and contour to support all shapes and movement, thanks to its independent pocket spring system.