Hygge Your Home with Texture

Do you know besides styling your sofa with throw pillow, we can also style it with blankets?

Adding a throw blanket will instantly create a cosy and welcoming home. They cosy up your sofa, while adding texture, colour and style to your living area.

And it was very easy to style with throw blanket. Casually thrown on sofa and chairs, you definitely make a difference look of it. You may also style it by neatly folding it and drape it over the sofa arm or draped on the seat of your sofa.

Or drape your throw blanket up all over the back of the sofa and down onto the seat. It gives out an obvious colour contract between the sofa and the throw blanket, a great way to bring an accent colour into your living area.

It’s functional and attractive piece that are perfect addition to any space. Try decorate your living area today with throw blankets, it’s add instant style and help makes a complete space while expressing your style.

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